Whispurrpaws Cattery's Kitten Waiting List
Thank you for your interest in my beautiful Whispurr-Babies!!
Are you interested in a Whispurr-Baby of your very own to love and cherish??  Please fill out my waiting list form below and you will be added ASAP!!  I always notify those on my kitten waiting list FIRST everytime I have available kittens.  If there are any kittens available after contacting my waiting list, they will be indicated as available on my Kittens Page.  Please be informed Whispurrpaws Cattery is under NO obligation to place a kitten with you nor are you under ANY obligation to adopt one.  I reserve the right to refuse placement to anyone, for any reason.  Thank you so much for your understanding.

Please note:  If you are currently on my waiting list, please notify me if you adopt a kitten from another breeder or you no longer wish to adopt one of my kittens.  You will be removed from my list ASAP!!
Once you have been placed on my kitten waiting list, I will notify you when a kitten that meets your requirements becomes available for you.  If you are approved as a loving home for one of my kittens, a $100 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit and a signed contract will reserve your kitten until he/she is ready to leave my care.  A copy of my current contract is available for you to view BEFORE placing your deposit.  Please read it carefully before signing and sending it along with your deposit.  The remaining adoption fee will be due BEFORE your kitten will leave my care.  If you do not agree with my policies or ANY terms of my contract, please adopt your kitten from another breeder.  I strictly enforce ALL terms of my contract and if it is not honored in any way, you will be required to surrender the kitten to me unconditionally.  I fully expect my kitten owners to provide the type of home that my kittens are raised in... a clean, healthy, loving INDOOR ONLY environment where they will be a cherished member of the family.  Thank you for understanding my views and policies.  
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Before filling out my waiting list form, please note I DO NOT SHIP my kittens and I'm located in Illinois.  However, I am in close proximity to the Indiana, Iowa, Missouri and Wisconsin borders so I do offer partial or full delivery for a reasonable fee.  The fee is determined by how far I have to travel... please e-mail me for details.  If you are within driving distance of me, you are more than welcome to pick your kitten up at my home. 
Please click here to send me an e-mail if you wish to be removed from my kitten waiting list.
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**IMPORTANT!! Please fill out my kitten waiting list form ONLY if you are TRULY interested in an adorable Whispurr-Baby from Whispurrpaws Cattery... Thank you for your cooperation!!**

NOT taking requests for calico colors at this time!!