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Two additional litters of beautiful "Whispurr-Babies" are being planned for Fall or Winter 2009.  Whispurrpaws Bluebeary Muffin, my blue CPC Persian and Whispurrpaws BonBon de Chocolat, my tortie point Himalayan will both be bred to Honiholo Cafe Noir of Whispurrpaws, my black CPC Persian.  Muffin, BonBon & Noir are all DNA confirmed chocolate carriers, therefore chocolates and lilacs can be expected in these litters.  Please be sure to visit this page often to learn of any news regarding Whispurrpaws Cattery as well as any recent updates to the website.  Please enjoy the rest of your visit and don't forget to leave your "pawprint" in my guestbook before you leave!! 

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Tracy J. Hopkins ~ Whispurrpaws Cattery
September 18, 2009
Whispurrpaws Persians & Himalayans is very pleased and proud to announce the arrival of our first litter of 2009!!  We have a litter of three happy, healthy baby boys born 7/21/09.  We have two adorable black bi-color Persians nicknamed "Mario" & "Luigi" as well as one very precious blue point Himmie we call "Yoshi".  Whispurrpaws Laverne DeFuzzio and Tee-El-Cee Chocolat-Vanille Martini are the proud parents of these adorable little boys.  Please check the Kittens Page of the website to view photos of these three positively beautiful "Whispurr-babies"!! 
  September 18, 2009
Whispurrpaws Persians & Himalayans is very proud to announce the arrival of La-La & Martini's and Skittles & Martini's baby boys born on 8/19/09 and 8/30/09 respectively.  These babies are not available at this time but please visit the Kittens Page to view photos of these two absolutely gorgeous "Whispurr-babies"!!
  August 9, 2009
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