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PLEASE READ! Whispurrpaws Cattery's philosophy is "Pets are for life!"  Whispurrpaws kittens are available ONLY to those who will cherish and love them for their ENTIRE lives...from kittenhood, into adulthood, through old age.  If you do not share in this philosophy and are unable/unwilling to make this commitment to one of my kittens, I kindly ask you to please look elsewhere for your kitten.  I take placing my kittens VERY seriously and want only the best homes possible for each and every baby born in my cattery.  Thank you for your understanding.  With that said, feel free to e-mail me if you are SERIOUSLY interested in one of my precious kittens and will provide them a loving, lifetime home.  Additional pictures of each kitten & their parents are available upon request.  Thank you very much for your interest in my beautiful "Whispurr-Babies"!!
**Whispurrpaws Cattery reserves the right to refuse placement of any cat or kitten for any reason!!**
Yes, we have kittens available... pictures are posted below.  Breeding rights are provided with select kittens to qualified CFA breeders ONLY!!  Contact Tracy for further info.  99% of my kittens are offered to approved pet homes only and are placed with a very strict spay/neuter agreement OR will be altered prior to placement... NO EXCEPTIONS!!  If you are truly interested in providing one of my precious kittens a forever, indoor, loving home, please feel free to e-mail me. 
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Whispurrpaws Cattery exclusively feeds & highly recommends Babycat 34 or Kitten 34 Royal Canin foods for our Whispurr-Babies!!
   **On Hold** ~ Awaiting a reservation deposit... this kitten is on hold.
   **Reserved** ~ Have received a deposit... this kitten is spoken for.
**Available** ~ This kitten is available for adoption.
**Not Available** ~ Kitten is staying at Whispurrpaws/reserved for another cattery.
**Adopted** ~ This kitten has been adopted and is no longer available.
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NOTE:  Whispurrpaws Cattery reserves the right to first pick in any litter born, male or female.  NO Whispurrpaws kitten will leave my care before 14 weeks of age, minimum!!  We DO NOT place our precious kittens as "surprise" gifts under ANY circumstances!!!!
    ***The adoption fees listed for ALL kittens are NON-NEGOTIABLE***
**NO kitten will be reserved without a deposit and is
**Whispurrpaws is located in Illinois, I
DO NOT ship my Whispurr-Babies**
~Delivery is available within reasonable distance if required, e-mail for info~
**Whispurrpaws Available Cats/Kittens**
Important Notice!   When inquiring about an available Whispurr-Baby, please be sure to include your full name, location, a little about yourself and your family and of course, the type of home you can provide one of my "Whispurr-Babies."  Those who do not provide this basic information may not receive a return response.  Here at Whispurrpaws Cattery, finding the purr-fect home for each and every Whispurr-Baby is ALWAYS my #1 priority... Thank you!!
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Click here to inquire about Margie!
Parents of this gorgeous guy are...
Sire:  Tee-El-Cee Chocolat-Vanille Martini ~ "Martini"
Dam:  Whispurrpaws Ooh-La-La! ~ "La-La"
Please click here for Margie's full-size photo
   Cocoa Puff ~ Chocolate CPC Persian Female Born 5/03/10
"Cocoa" is
**Available** to an approved pet or breeder home
Cocoa's adoption fee is $600... please inquire for breeder price
    Parents of this gorgeous girl are "Martini" & "BonBon"
Click here to inquire about Cocoa!
Glitter Graphics at
Please click here for Pandy's full-size photo
Click here to see a photo of Dex & Van Man together!
Click here to inquire about Pandy!
Please click here for Cocoa's full-size photo
Marge ~ Lilac-White Bi-Color CPC Persian Female Born 5/05/10
  "Margie" is
**Available** to an approved pet or breeder home
  Margie's adoption fee is $600... please inquire for breeder price
           Parents of this cutie pie are "Martini" & "Skittles"
Panda Bear ~ Black-White Bi-Color CPC Persian Female Born 5/03/10
             "Pandy" is
**Available** to an approved pet home only
                Pandy's adoption fee is $550... NO breeding rights!
        Parents of this adorable little girl are "Martini" & "BonBon"
                         Whispurrpaws Shaken Not Stirred
                Affectionately known as "Sexy Dexy" or "Dex"
          Seal Point Van Himalayan-Persian Male Born 8/19/09
                           Dex is staying at Whispurrpaws
   Dex is pictured as a baby above and as a kitten and adult below