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Please visit the Available page to see if there are any Whispurrpaws adult cats available for adoption.  Please visit the Kittens page for kitten availability.  On this page, you will find kitten info, adoption fees and payment options.  Please be sure to check the Nursery page for planned breedings, completed breedings, expectant queens & birth announcements.  If you would like to be added to my waiting list for a kitten, please visit the Waiting List page for more information...Thank you for your interest!!
Whispurrpaws kittens are ready for new homes at 14 to 18 weeks of age.  At this age, they are properly socialized, veterinarian checked, have received age appropriate vaccinations/dewormings and are fully accustomed to routine grooming.  They are fully weaned and litter box trained as well.  ALL Whispurrpaws kittens are placed with a kitten contract.  This is done to protect the rights of the kitten as well as the owner and the breeder.  Whispurrpaws kittens come with a 72-hour health guarantee as well as a one year genetic guarantee.  Also included in the adoption fee of your kitten are:  CFA registration papers, your kitten's five-generation pedigree, a Royal Canin kitten food kit, a Swheat Scoop kitty litter kit and a special kitty gift basket.
Most pet quality kittens are $500, while bi-colors, calicos and bi-color points are $550... all chocolate and lilac colors are $600.  Pet kittens are placed with a VERY strict spay/neuter agreement.  NO breeding rights shall accompany pet kittens... NO EXCEPTIONS!!  If adopting a kitten as a pet, you will only receive your kitten's CFA registration papers ("blue slip") and pedigree ("family tree") AFTER I have received documentation from your licensed veterinarian stating your kitten has been spayed or neutered.  I will place my precious pet kittens into LOVING, LIFETIME HOMES ONLY!!  Irresponsible pet owners, kitten brokers, pet shops, scam artists, etc. need not inquire!
Kittens with breeding rights shall be priced on an individual basis.  Please be informed that I place kittens with breeding rights on an EXTREMELY rare occasion.  Large catteries, irresponsible breeders, kitten mills, etc. need not inquire!!  Whispurrpaws will only work with small, reputable, cageless catteries that are registered with The Cat Fancier's Association.   Your kitten's CFA blue slip with pin number and pedigree are provided when you receive your kitten.   
I will accept cash or postal money orders as acceptable forms of payment for my kittens.  Personal checks are accepted for deposits ONLY!  If you prefer, you can use PayPal to make a deposit or a payment on your kitten.
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