Retired Kings of Whispurrpaws
                     Maye-Faire Domino Le Debonaire
                      Affectionately known as "Dom"      
       Flat Face Black-White Bi-Color CPC Persian Neuter
1st generation chocolate/lilac carrier~
Skittles & Muffin's dad

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My gorgeous Coco has been retired from breeding.  Sorry, he IS NOT available!!
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Tracy J. Hopkins of Whispurrpaws Cattery
                   Tee-El-Cee Chocolat-Vanille Martini
                     Affectionately known as "Martini"      
         Flat Face Chocolate-White Bi-Color CPC Persian


Click here to view Martini's pedigree
Click here to view Domino's pedigree
Martini comes from DNA PKD NEGATIVE lines.  His test results will be posted at a later date!
      Fancyfluff Cocobean of Whispurrpaws
          Affectionately known as "Coco"    
Extreme Face Seal Point Himalayan-Persian

Click here to view Coco's pedigree
My beautiful Domino weighs in at a hefty 15 pounds and is the sweetest boy I could ever have asked for!  Domino has definitely passed his wonderful 'purrsonality' onto both of his daughters as well as all of his grandkittens!!  Sorry, Dom IS NOT available!!
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**Whispurrpaws is a closed cattery... Noir & Martini ARE NOT available for stud service!!**
Whispurrpaws handsome Kings are fed Royal Canin cat foods.
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              Honiholo Cafe Noir of Whispurrpaws
                  Affectionately known as "Noir"      
                Extreme Face Black CPC Persian
                DNA confirmed chocolate carrier

Click here to view Noir's pedigree
Noir tested DNA PKD NEGATIVE via DNA Diagnostics, Inc. on 04/30/2008.  Please click here for his results!
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   Note:  Noir (above) and Martini (below) are the current males of Whispurrpaws
Mouse over Martini's photo to see another... click on his photo to see him as a baby!