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ALL kittens in BonBon & Noir's upcoming litter will be DNA PKD Negative as both BonBon & Noir are DNA PKD Negative.  Visual chocolate and lilac Himalayans and Persians will be possible.  Attention chocolate breeders... non-visual kittens may or may not be carriers of the chocolate gene so I will be willing to DNA test for chocolate at your own expense.  Since BonBon is a Himalayan-Persian, ALL Persian kittens in her litter will be CPC or color point carriers.  The adoption fee for babies in this litter will be $500 as pets ONLY... except for any chocolates and lilacs which are $600.  Kittens with breeding rights will be priced individually based on their quality and color.     
Litter Information
Potential Kitten Colors
Himalayans:  Seal Point, Blue Point, Chocolate Point, Lilac Point, Flame Point*, Cream Point*, Tortie Point**, Blue-Cream Point**, Chocolate Tortie Point** and Lilac-Cream Point**

Solid/Parti-Color Persians:  Solid Black, Solid Blue, Solid Chocolate, Solid Lilac, Solid Red*, Solid Cream*, Tortoiseshell**, Blue-Cream**, Chocolate Tortie** and Lilac-Cream**

* Indicates a male only color while ** indicates a female only color

             Status:  This breeding will take place Fall of 2009
                              BonBon's Due Date:  N/A